Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Slough

It is Friday afternoon and the market's have again been very volatile. It was a strong start this morning as the marktes received a deluge of solid data; consumer spending defies the economic slowdown, incomes are up, and the Chicago PMI set a whopping record, jumping from 47 to 63 (largest historical monthly jump); however, inflation (Core PCE) was up 0.3%, or 2.4% yoy (about as expected).

The Chicago PMI number is what is surprising. How does the manufacturing index jump so much in a single month? Was it extremely warm in Chicago in March? Possibly, but we still don't know why this came out so hot.

The morning news crossed the wires and the selling began shortly thereafter when the US government posed tarriffs on Chineses importing paper goods (10-20%). That will mean higher prices for Chinese importers, yet it also means that we are trying to cut into the trade deficit with China. In fact it is interesting to note:

"The action reverses 23 years of U.S. trade policy by treating China, which is
classified as a nonmarket economy, in the same way that other U.S. trading
partners are treated in disputes involving government subsidies."

Oh well, life goes on for the Chinese. Life goes on in America. As the markets are holding steady near the breakeven point, I don't see a whole lot of change happening near the end of the day, unless of course traders decide they don't want to hold on to any long positions over the weekend (could be likely) with geopolitical tensions as they are and oil prices continuing to hover near YTD highs.

That's it for today and I hope everyone enjoys the weekend. I am headed off on a six hour drive to southwest CO to Silverton, CO. I'll leave you with this.

"One Lift Servicing Heaven" Silverton, CO (

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